You placed an order on and you want to know when the package with selected dietary supplements will reach the address indicated? Find out how to get this information!

To find out what the status of your order is...

  1. Look at the message you received after sending the order and find its number
  2. Contact us via the contact form by entering the order number
  3. You will receive a quick reply telling you where your parcel is currently and when it will arrive.

How long does it take to ship the order?

We fulfill customer orders on business days from Monday to Friday.

  • If you have submitted yours by 12:00 GMT+2 on a business day, they will most likely be sent the same day.
  • If the order reached us after 12:00 GMT+2 on a business day or was sent on a weekend or holiday, we will proceed with its implementation on the first business day after the date of the order.
  • Remember that the delivery time depends on the company processing the shipment - it can be up to 7 business days after confirmation of the order.
  • In exceptional cases, if the product is missing from our warehouse, the shipping time may be longer. You will always be notified.