You may wonder if you have the right to return products in our store. Learn the rules according to which we process returns:

Returns are possible if the product has not been opened nor has it any traces of use.

The rules for this solution are:

  1. Purchase hasn’t been realized longer than 14 days ago
  2. Provide information that allows us to verify your order - address, bank account number, name and surname.
  3. Your application will be processed, if you get a positive verification, we will send a refund to the given account number.

Responsible shopping

Returns of unpacked supplements

Our policy does not provide returns of damaged supplements, so if:

  • Goods will be broken or unpacked, we will not accept them
  • Time of purchase exceeds 14 calendar days
  • In such case withdrawing from the contract will be against the rules and the application will be rejected.

We are open to your questions - we will gladly answer them during working hours!